Business English

Communicoach Business English courses are 100% customised and highly practical. We focus on the language needed to get things done and achieve them successfully. Our performance-based approach gets people communicating fluently and accurately with their colleagues, customers or suppliers.

What we do for learners 

  • Diagnose their current skill level in the context of their real working lives and their key stakeholders.
  • Create a goal-orientated Personalised Action Plan aligned to personal and organisational requirements.
  • Create a fun and informal learning environment where participants feel challenged and inspired to perform at their best.
  • Regularly review development areas with agreed timed actions
  • Provide highly practical and motivational sessions
  • Offer round-the-clock support and encouragement by phone, email or video link.
  • Keep learners focused and motivated even if they have busy and distracting schedules.

What we do for clients  

  • You will get frequent learner reports which include: –
  • Detailed progress updates determined by personal/organisational requirements
  • Recommendations for line managers on how they can support the learner to achieve sustainable improvements in performance
  • Examples of the learner’s work including video samples
  • Recommendations on how to support the continuing personal and professional development of the learner

Course content 

Our courses are all 100% customised to meet the specific needs of our clients. If you would like to discover how we specialise in your sector, call us for an informal chat about your requirements.

With any format of Communicoach Business English course there are certain ‘menu’ items that feature strongly. This is just to give you a flavour of what we have done for our clients in the past:


  • Networking
  • Representing your organisation
  • Explaining/selling product features
  • Presenting
  • Using language strategically (e.g. diplomatic/direct/being vague)
  • Meetings (e.g. making/accepting/rejecting suggestions)


  • Listening for meetings/teleconferences
  • Effective written communication techniques such as writing sales reports/forecasts
  • Reading combined with vocabulary expansion
  • Enhanced fluency and accuracy when speaking (we often use video feedback)


  • Clarifying your role/responsibilities
  • Identifying, exploring and expanding vocabulary families
  • Sector-specific vocabulary
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Jargon and phrasal verbs

We don’t slavishly use coursebooks as that just reminds people of being at school. Our resource library is crammed full with photos, case studies, press cuttings, audio and visual materials, props, role plays, images, games, software, practical exercises and language workouts and specialist books.


In-house programme for 6-8 delegates

Communicoach in-house programmes are in-depth, tailor-made and highly practical. They give delegates the chance to explore very specific issues, practice tools and techniques with greater intensity and individual attention.

Business English Coaching

If you need to get ready for an important event or performance our highly experienced Business English coach can tailor a programme that is highly practical, personalised and gets to the heart of your language needs. After an initial diagnostic we will work on areas that will accelerate performance. We can develop your skills in presenting to an international audience, representing your organisation, networking, sounding more natural and fluent, accent reduction, selling or pitching and business writing.

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