We work with relocated personnel in multinational companies where English is the primary language and there is pressure to perform to a high standard.

We use a fusion of cultural sensitivity training, Business English and both interpersonal and corporate communication skills to accelerate the processes of acculturation, well being and improved team and business performance.

The Communicoach ethos is always to focus on performance and potential: What are the factors that have impeded a joint venture? Why has this team not functioned properly for so many years? Is there an assumed commonality which manifests itself as conflict?

Our approach is to use a simple diagnostic to identify common problems and assumptions which can derail cross cultural teams. We ask groups to consider their beliefs in relation to key organisational processes such as:

  • Decision-making
  • How to build trust
  • Leadership style
  • Communications
  • The role of hierarchy and authority
  • Approach to problem-solving
  • Non-verbal cues

We don’t use cultural profilers or tell a team what their differences are as these reinforce cultural stereotypes in our view. If we are working with distinct cultural sub-groups we ask them, for each process area, to prepare to present to the whole group their beliefs and assumptions on how they do things and what values and beliefs they hold.

We then identify commonalities and explore differences by drawing on their experiences and by exploring communication dynamics within the team. Finally, they manage and leverage these differences, guided by a shared vision of what sustained success would look like in real terms.


Cross-cultural Awareness

Global Leadership

Managing Intercultural teams

Managing Virtual Teams

Presenting to an International Audience


Our Cross-Cultural Skills programmes can be tailored as an in-house development programme to address specific issues and for different levels of experience or seniority.

Cross-Cultural Coaching is the ideal solution if you have a key person who is both struggling with their proficiency English as well as dealing with the process of acculturation. We empower people by building their confidence with small changes that will have the biggest impact at their point of work. We take an in-depth look at their communication patterns and interactions with stakeholders to create a programme that will radically improve team and business performance.

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